Hine Green

Our Sustainability Mission

Hine Labels, along with many businesses, has realised that the planet needs our help. We are taking responsibility and being accountable.

Our Mission

Hine is aware that label printing is not a very environmentally friendly industry. Rather than sitting back and being ignorant about this, we have made a decision to take action, wherever we can. We believe we can make a difference through positive changes within our business and raising awareness amongst our team, customers, and social media followers. Hine plans to work towards being carbon neutral through mindfulness and carbon offsetting.

We can’t do Everything but we can do Something.

We are realistic, we know it will be difficult in our industry to achieve complete carbon neutrality but we believe small changes can make a big impact. We are embracing this fact and will encourage other businesses to do the same. We are committed to making positive steps towards a greener, cleaner planet. We are thinking about the future.

How are we going to do this?

What is Hine Green?

Hine green logo

Hine green is an initiative and represents the statement of our intention to increase awareness of sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

The leaves represent new life, as well as our journey of growth and learning to be a more sustainable business. The footprint represents our carbon footprint. The green was chosen as a neutral, earthy, fresh colour to represent our intention to be more green.

Become a Sustainable Partner

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