Prepress & Colour Management

We aim to produce the same colour consistently, everytime.

Prepress, or Pre-Production, is a process where we prepare your artwork files for production. We use automation software and colour management tools to make sure your files meet the standards for top-quality printing, and you get consistency every time you order!

How Can We Help?

Expert Team

Our experienced prepress and color management specialists possess an in-depth understanding of printing techniques and the latest industry standards. They are dedicated to preparing label designs for stunning printed products.

Advanced Technology

We utilise state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions to achieve precise colour reproduction. From colour calibration tools to industry-leading software, our technology ensures that your labels display accurate and vibrant colors every time.

Pantone Matching System

Our colour experts can accurately match your desired colours using the internationally recognised Pantone Matching System. This enables consistent color reproduction across different label designs and printing processes.


We offer comprehensive proofing services to ensure that the final label design and specification is accurate. Our proofs allow you to review and approve the layout before the production process begins.

Print File Optimisation

We optimise your print files to ensure compatibility with our printing processes, maximising color accuracy and print quality. Our team can assist with file format conversion, resolution checks, and colour profile management.

Need a cutter template?

We can generate a free cutter template as a guide for your artwork, including the cutline, artwork safe area, and bleed. Just let us know the size you are looking to order.

Your Order's Journey


We receive your Order and Artwork

Our Client Account Managers will process your job to our Prepress Studio for Proofing.



Our Studio will prepare your artwork. A PDF file will be emailed to you so you can proofread the artwork content and confirm that the label specifications are all correct and meet your expectations.



You approve the Proof PDF. You'll receive an order confirmation and schedule from your Client Account Manager.

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