Customer Service Support

Our customer service team are here to help develop your labelling ideas.

During the development process there are many considerations and options to choose from. Does the product need labelling front and back or would a wraparound design be better? Our team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and can guide you through the options. 

We have many design possibilities, such as backside or reverse print. This design allows an image to be viewed through the product in the bottle, the curve of the bottle and liquid in it magnify the image to produce startling results and enhance shelf appeal. 

We have an in-depth understanding of printing for the Chemical Industry and the design features that are required such as Hazard Boxes and Warning Symbols, all which need to be checked by the end user. 

Most of us use a tablet or computer to generate our designs, these operate in the RBG (Red-Blue-Green) colour space. However the printing world uses CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) to print - that can create confusion and we on hand to help. Screens are most commonly back lit thus creating very bright images. There is a difference when printed RBG to CMYK as a conversion has to take place, so it's wise to convert your file and try to simulate the end result before it's printed. We can help.

We do more too.

We specialise in trade label printing but offer so much more.